VI. "Floating Paradise"

by The Tilted Floor

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This is the sixth evening of invited work by The Tilted Floor. The theme is "Floating Paradise."


released July 30, 2013

Pictured above: condemned paradise at 561 Santa Barbara Rd

Kamran P., Alex Vlahov, Pancho Morris, and Nat Rozensweig also performed but were not recorded. Text from Kamran's poem can be found below.

The Death of I:

Do you care?
Humm your thoughts out freckled in the skin of time.
Cold calculated displacement maps of all the blades of grass
that bent beneath the boots of war.
We were stunned deaf by short sighted reflections
of how death was so painless after you died
and the stainless steel structures of pride stubbornly crumbled
as lies bloomed into truth with the advent of objective time.
God forbid god surprises you.
And god forbid god wasn't quite the god you thought it was.
And that's just what you wanted, wasn't it?
Whoever said heaven was easy.
All of our claimed traits and discretionary perspectives
were split like sand from the largest boulder
to ever grace this galactic orgy
and the increasing density
the crack whore of gravity
has brought us back
kicking and screaming
to our inherent similarities
despite the disparity
between one and infinity
we will overcome
we will become one
and I
will be gone



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The Tilted Floor Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Mikayla (Adrienne, Leah)/ I love America because everyone is trying really hard
did you see where i hit a deer? and it T-boned and it died? god knows i tried it went flying here is where you feel the fur here is where my heart broke on the bumper did I cry? I tried
did you hear when I caught your ear and I sang out would you show my show inside your coffee store? I am a good american boy do you want my noise?
did you see where I hit a deer and it t-boned and it died? I was inside it went flying here is where you feel the fur here is where my heart broke on the bumper
Track Name: Mikayla (Nat, Maxim)/ Get Some Sleep
who made the world so round tonight? who made the water so deep? what glory god or stillness moves our floating paradise? baby we should get some sleep. who burned the starts so high tonight? who's out mopping the dead? what glory god or stillness moves our floating paradise? baby won't you come to bed?
Track Name: Mikayla and Pancho/ Stay Alive and Come Home to Me
stay alive and come home to me I'm your part time slave I'm your radio wave of love to find that there's plenty of time when you're walking where you're going when you're going very slowly it's a wash it's all a wash

change the world and you'll notice all the spiderwebs all over all the juniper you better get your eyes checked are you dumb or blind? or dumb? or blind? it's a wash.

we met on a bridge it was all awash in colors from the day that you couldn't see because you haven't changed the world like i've changed the world it's my hero's journey that has given me these glasses they are rosy perfect they are 20/20 GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE PERFECT